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Entrepreneurial Skills

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

A Colorado graduate demonstrates entrepreneurial skills through critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, inquiry and analysis, and risk taking. A student with these skills can:


Developmental Milestone:

Developmental Milestone:
Advanced Beginner

Developmental Milestone:
Strategic Learner

Developmental Milestone:
Emerging Expert

Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

  • Recognize that problems can be identified and possible solutions can be created
  • Define the problem using a variety of strategies
  • Make connections between information gathered and personal experiences to apply and/or test solutions
  • “Interpret information and draw conclusions based on the best analysis” (The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (2009), p. 21)

Creativity / Innovation

  • Demonstrate curiosity, imagination and eagerness to learn more
  • Build on personal experience to specify a challenging problem to investigate
  • Engage in novel approaches, moves, directions, ideas, and/or perspectives
  • Synthesize ideas in original and surprising ways

Inquiry/ Analysis

  • Recognize and describe cause-and-effect relationships and patters in everyday experiences
  • Investigate to form hypotheses, make observations and draw conclusions
  • Test hypotheses/prototype with planned process for getting feedback
  • Make predictions and design data/information collection and analysis strategies

Risk Taking

  • Demonstrate a willingness to try new things
  • Demonstrate flexibility, imagination, and inventiveness in taking on tasks and activities
  • Innovate from failure, connect learning across domains, and recognize new opportunities
  • Act on creative ideas to make a tangible and useful contribution

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