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Standards Review and Revision - Visual Arts Committee

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

December 2017 Draft of Proposed Revisions to the Visual Arts Standards

Although the public feedback system is now closed, the link below contains screen shots of that system to use as a reference until the final proposed revisions are developed after the last committee meeting in February

Screenshot Reference  Booklet- Visual Arts


Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are open to the public. The public is welcome to observe but not participate in committee meetings. Please note the public observation norms.


First Committee Meeting

Second Committee Meeting

Third Committee Meeting


Fourth Committee Meeting

Fifth Committee Meeting

  • One day in the week of Feb. 19. 2018
    Location, date, and time TBD.

    Meeting Summary

Content-Specific Resources

  • Benchmarking Report (PDF) (Includes dance; drama and theatre arts; music; and visual arts.)
  • Benchmarking Report Summary (PDF)
  • Public Feedback: Visual Arts Online Standards Feedback System Comments (PDF)(Please note: Article/author citations included in the public feedback comments were provided by stakeholder reviewers and have not been edited or vetted by CDE)
  • Dewey, J. (1934). Art as experience. New York: Minton, Balch & company.
  • Efland, A. (1976). The school art style: A functional analysis. Studies in Art Education, 17(2), 37-44. Retrieved from:
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Committee Members


  • Connie Stewart, Professor, University of Northern Colorado

Content Specialist:

Committee Members:

  • Christine Loehr, ECE-5th Grade Art Teacher, Edison Elementary, Denver Public Schools
  • Dale Zalmstra, Elementary Art Teacher, Cherry Creek Schools
  • Rachael Delaney, Associate Professor, Coordinator for Art Education, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Beth Anne Cummings, Art Teacher, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
  • Capucine Chapman, Director, Arts and Physical Education, Denver Public Schools
  • Vanessa Hayes-Quintana, Visual Arts Educator/President; Colorado Art Education Association
  • Erica Wernsmann, 11/12 Visual Arts Educator, Mapleton Public Schools
  • Annalee Couch, Middle School Art Teacher, Delta County School District
  • Diane Wright, Arts Teacher and Electives Coordinator, Cherry Creek Schools

Contact Us

Donna Goodwin, Arts Consultant for Visual Arts, or 303-866-6576

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