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Colorado Gifted Education Review (CGER)


During the 2019-2020 school year, CDE will be soliciting input from administrative units for the purpose of revising and enhancing the Colorado Gifted Education Review (CGER) process.  AUs who had a CGER scheduled for this year may elect to postpone the monitoring process or complete their review using the current process.  As a result, a new CGER schedule will be developed upon the completion of the revision process. 


The Colorado Gifted Education Review (CGER) is a collaborative monitoring process that is the shared responsibility of administrative units (AUs), CDE and the Gifted Education Regional Consultant (GERC).  The purpose of this partnership is to increase the capacity of educators and educational systems to identify, program and be accountable for gifted learner achievement and growth.


There are seven components to the comprehensive CGER process.  The foundational purpose of CGER is for AUs to evaluate their gifted program plan to determine levels of implementation for each of the primary elements of Exceptional Children's Education Act (ECEA) Rules.  The information obtained from the review identifies priority improvements for compliance and continued program growth and development. The implementation of the key requirements outlined in ECEA Rules ensure the academic and affective needs of gifted students are addressed and a program plan is developed that leads to gifted students’ achievement and growth.  The seven components include:

  1. Program Evaluation: Program evaluation relies on collecting and using meaningful data to determine strengths of a program plan and areas requiring improvement.  Data collection includes:  stakeholder feedback from surveys and/or focus groups, the performance of identified gifted students on state and local assessments, identification demographic data and monitoring of students’ Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs).
  2. AU Self-evaluation:  The self-evaluation process provides the AU an opportunity to review its Comprehensive Program Plan to make any updates or revisions, provide evidence of implementation of program requirements and review a random selection of Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs).  The  AU uses templates located in the Data Management System (DMS) to complete the self-evaluation.
  3. Desk Audit:  The CDE Office of Gifted Education assembles a team of four experts in gifted education to complete a Desk Audit of the AU’s self-evaluation.  Based on the team’s initial findings after the Desk Audit, a determination is made on the level of site visit that will be conducted.  
  4. Site Visit:  There are two types of site visits that occur during a CGER based on information presented in the AU self-evaluation. A Level I CGER is designated when the AU provides sufficient data in the self-evaluation for the team to make informed decisions about each of the programming elements. A Level II visit is designated when the team needs additional data and information to confirm or change the CGER team’s initial findings.  The team travels to three-six designated schools/districts to interview administrators, teachers, students and parents.  For both a Level I and Level II visit, the AU has an opportunity to provide the team with a program overview that may include additional information requested by the CGER team, a description of successful programming practices implemented since the last CGER and helpful information to assist the team in gaining an understanding of the AU's culture and climate. Upon the completion of the AU's overview presentation, the AU Gifted Coordinator/Director engage in a collaborative discussion.  This time allows the team to check for understanding and learn additional information about the AU’s gifted program. 

  1. CGER Summary:  At the end of a Level I or II visit, the CGER team will present a brief overview of their preliminary findings. The AU is encouraged to invite key administrative personnel to this presentation,  Final determinations for the CGER Report are not made until after the site visit. 
  2. Final Report:  The final report is reviewed and approved by the Director of Gifted Education and Executive Director of Exceptional Student Services Unit (ESSU).  Single AU superintendents will receive a hard copy of the report.  For multi-district AU’s, every superintendent and the BOCES executive director will receive a final report.  The AU determines how information in the report will be shared with stakeholder groups. 
  3. Improvement Timeline:  AUs that are found to have elements not meeting condition of law in any of the thirteen program elements must complete an Improvement Timeline in DMS within six weeks of receiving the CGER Report. The AU will have one year to successfully complete the corrective actions designated in the CGER Report to ensure the element meets condition of law.  When the AU successfully completes the priority improvement areas, additional areas on non-compliance will be addressed in a new timeline. 


Layered Continuum of Supports

Gifted education is supported in the state through eleven regional support systems.  Gifted Education Regional Consultants (GERCs) serve as leaders and facilitators of technical assistance and professional development for successful implementation of the AU’s program plan.  Throughout the year, GERCs provide a layered continuum of supports to AUs that includes facilitation of network meetings and professional development opportunities for all AUs as well as targeted or intensive technical assistance.  Additionally, GERCs are available upon request for site visits that support AU program plans and UIP Addendums.  GERCs collaborate on the planning and delivery of state gifted education director meetings, conduct online workshops and participate in CGERs throughout Colorado.

Key Indicators for Implementation of Monitoring:

  • AU complies with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations regarding the program plan, identification and special educational services for gifted students
  • AU monitors annual and comprehensive plans
  • AU monitors annual enrollment and performance reports
  • AU is prepared to participate in the Colorado Gifted Education Review
  • AU participates in follow-up activities to correct areas of non-compliance

Links to resources for the AU Gifted Coordinator/Director:

CGER Guidance Document

Additional CGER Resources

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Gifted Program Administrator.