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Expelled and At-Risk Student Services (EARSS) Resources

Addressing Disproportionality-

Adolescent Development-

Alternatives- to Exclusionary School Discipline

Data – Sources of school-by-school data for school discipline and law enforcement contacts

At the Colorado Department of Education’s website:

  • Visit the student conduct section of the Colorado Department of Education’s School View Data Center to examine district – and school-level data.
  • Data Services Office for Excel files available for download from the Education Statistics webpage pertaining to student discipline. Spreadsheets typically include only state- and district-level data.
  • Additional data requests (if not available elsewhere at the CDE website) can be made by downloading a request form. Identify criteria/parameters of data you seek and submit the form as instructed.

Juvenile Justice System


  • Legislation that amended school discipline-related statutes and limited mandatory expulsions -  SB12-1345

Policy, Practices, Guidance and Recommendations to Support Student Learning and Address the Unintended Consequences of School Discipline and Race/Ethnicity Disparities (See also School Climate)


Organizations and Initiatives

Relationships, Partnerships-

Restorative Justice/Practices

School Climate and Supportive School Discipline

School Resource Officer (SRO): duties, training and expectations

From the Colorado’s Division of Criminal Justice

Additional Resources

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