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Migrant Education Program Events

Summer Migrant Youth Leadership Institute (SMYLI)

The Summer Migrant Youth Leadership Institute (SMYLI) is an event for migrant students starting the 9th grade up to the beginning the 12th grade of high school from across Colorado. The purpose of the institute is to motivate and empower migrant students to reach their educational goals and increase their potential as leaders in their schools and communities. The SMYLI event is closed for the 2017 season. Please stay tuned for upcoming 2018 SMYLI application information.


Close UP

Close Up’s Program for New Americans (PNA) is built on the belief that textbooks and lectures alone are not enough to help students understand responsible citizenship. The PNA program gives recently immigrated\migrant high school students the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to become informed and active citizens of the United States. 2018 Close Up information will be posted here as soon as it is available.


Migrant-STEM Academy

A Migrant-STEM Academy will be implemented in collaboration with Adams State University, Title V Grant, ASU-STEM and the ASU-College Assistance Migrant Program. The academy will include a state of the art model developed for students who are meeting academic expectations. The goal of the program is to motivate students to further their educational career in STEM fields. Students will be able to participate in scientific experiments, data collection, rigorous instruction, as well as relevant hands-on activities.

Thirty migrant students, who meet the selection criteria, will be selected from across the state to participate in STEM seminars throughout the year. Each region representative will utilize the selection criteria to nominate five students from every region. Selected students will be required to participate in STEM Seminars, as well as the Migrant-STEM Academy. The activities will be coordinated by the STEM Program Specialist and facilitated by STEM faculty.  Activities will take place at Adams State University 4 times during the school year. Students from other regions will have an option of attending STEM seminars or completing online STEM activities in order to apply for credit accrual.  Migrant students participating in the STEM Seminars, as well as the Migrant-STEM Academy will receive high school credit. The Southwest Region Migrant Education will offer all students, who successfully meet all syllabus requirements, with a 3 credit hour undergraduate course available through Adams State University. The 2018 application is soon to come.

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