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WSCC Health Services

Health Services

School health services intervene with actual and potential health problems, including providing first aid, emergency care and assessment and planning for the management of chronic conditions (such as asthma, food allergies or diabetes). Health services also facilitates access to and/or referrals to providers, collaborates with community support services, and works with families to promote the health care of students anda healthy and safe school environment.

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Colorado Department of Education Resources


The Health and Wellness Units School Nursing and Health Services program supports and promotes the connection between health and academic achievement. The have a wide variety of resources and tools to support school

The Health and Wellness Units Medicaid program: Colorado districts can claim for Medicaid covered services that are provided in schools. The Colorado Department of Education provides training for developing the local services plans required for participation in this program. This site provides guidance and resources.

Coordination and Practices:

Nursing  Services SMART Guides: RMC Health, Coordination of nursing services across WSCC component areas

School Health Services: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, School Health Services resources

Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care 

Supporting Policies


For more information contact

Sarah Blumenthal, MSN, RN

Assistant Director of Health & Wellness

Phone: 303-866-6779 
Cell: 303-947-6946