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Healthy Schools Colorado

Organizations: RMC Health, Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Amount Requested for 3 ½ years

  • RMC Health – $4,932,319
  • CDE – $1,884,469
  • CDPHE – in kind from Coordinated School Health Co-Director


RMC Health, CDE and CDPHE will collaborate to implement a dynamic, statewide process to address childhood obesity within schools. The Coordinated School Health (CSH) model, promoted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a framework for schools to implement effective strategies using school health teams within schools to assess their school needs and address them collaboratively. Through this process, the Colorado Health Foundation’s measurable Healthy Living outcomes will be addressed.


The overall goal of the evaluation is to assess and show evidence of Healthy Schools Colorado on improving nutrition, physical activity and chronic disease management using the CSH model.

Desired Result


Increased physical activity
  • Fitnessgrams
Increased healthy meals
  • School menu monitoring
Increased fruit and vegetable consumption and healthy vending
  • Purchasing records
  • Monitor Wellness Policy implementation
Increased chronic disease management
  • Track training evaluations and follow up surveys

Data Tracking and Reporting System

Current data tracking and monitoring systems will be expanded and strengthened through the following activities:

  • Performance indicators will be established for nutrition, physical activity and chronic disease
  • A school-level “Healthy School Report Card” will be created for schools to track their performance related to nutrition, physical activity and chronic disease
  • A web-enabled tracking system will be created that facilitates the ability of participating schools to report changes across health performance areas

RMC Health will:

  • Provide a grant program to five districts/regions for three years to utilize the CSH Model focusing on physical activity and nutrition.
  • Provide professional development to district and regional coordinators to implement CSH in at least 10-15 local schools per district/region.
  • Provide technical assistance to district and region coordinators and their school teams to implement, evaluate and sustain their coordinated school health efforts.
  • Provide training to district and region coordinators to address specific needs such as policy development, program sustainability, and evaluating results.

CDE will:

  • Develop a cadre of five regional trainers for 800 physical education to provide professional development to PE teachers in the five districts/regions and neighboring districts.
  • Develop a cadre of eight regional chronic disease management “resource” nurses to provide professional development to 300 school nurses in the five districts/regions and neighboring districts.
  • Provide annual intensive trainings for the cadre of trainers at a CDE Summer Institute.
  • Create a Healthy Schools Report Card based on input from school leaders across the state

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