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Improvement Timeline

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Colorado Gifted Education Review (CGER) Improvement Timeline

An Administrative Unit (AU) that is found to have Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) elements not meeting condition of law in any of the twelve-thirteen program elements must complete an Improvement Timeline in the Data Management System (DMS) within six weeks of receiving the Final CGER Report.   If the AU did not have any elements of non-compliance, it is not necessary to complete an Improvement Timeline.

Year One of Improvement Timeline

The AU will have one year to successfully complete the corrective actions designated in the CGER Report to ensure the element meets condition of law.  The Gifted Education Resource Consultant (GERC) will communicate with the AU at minimum two times during the year to offer technical assistance.  The AU will record progress monitoring updates within the Improvement Timeline four and eight months after the initial submission.  At the end of the year, the AU Gifted Coordinator/Director and GERC will review the Improvement Timeline and evidence to demonstrate the element meets condition of law.  The GERC will contact CDE to notify the Director of Gifted Education the AU has successfully completed their Improvement Timeline.  A letter of commendation will be sent to the AU superintendent(s) and BOCES executive director.  If the AU had any secondary elements of focus, a new timeline for year two will be submitted in DMS.   

At the end of year one, if the AU and GERC determine progress has been made on the improvements but the objective has not successfully been attained, the AU will create a Year Two Improvement Timeline in DMS.   A letter from CDE will be sent to the AU superintendent(s) and BOCES executive director indicating immediate attention is required to address non-compliance of law. 

Year Two of Improvement Timeline

When the AU successfully completes the priority improvement areas but still has additional elements of non-compliance a new timeline will be created in the DMS to address the additional elements not meeting conditions of law.  CDE will send a letter to the superintendent(s) indicating the new timeline status.  At the end of year two, the AU and GERC will determine if an additional Improvement Timeline will be required for year three corrections. 

Year Three of Improvement

Some AUs may have elements that are part of a three-year cycle for improvement.

Components of the Improvement Timeline

Priority Improvement Area

  • The Final CGER Report will indicate the one to three elements for priority improvement.  The AU will indicate the element for corrective action.

Measurable Objective

  • The AU will develop targeted objectives to accomplish in one year or less.  The objective is written to include how success will be measured. 


  • The AU will identify the steps that will be put into place as a means of improvement.


  • The AU defines data, materials, research, funds, people, etc. that will be needed to successfully attain the objective.

People Responsible

  • The AU identifies personnel who will facilitate or be responsible for change. 

Evidence of Change

  • Upon successfully completing the objective, the AU will re-open the Improvement Timeline in DMS and describe the evidence demonstrating successful implementation of the element's key requirements.  The GERC will verify the evidence and make one of the following determinations:
  1. Improvement area is completed
  2. Improvement area is not completed and immediate action is required toward corrective action
  3. Continue with next improvement areas and timeline from corrective action


Guidance: Steps to Complete the Improvement Timeline in the Data Management System (DMS):

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