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Magazines and Journals

Twice Exceptional Newsletter

This bi-monthly print and electronic publication is written for parents, educators, mental health professionals and others who work with high ability children who have learning differences and disabilities. Each issue features articles by experts in the field plus reviews of books, websites and other resources. 

Creative Kids

The nation's largest magazine by and for kids. The magazine includes games, stories, and opinions all by and for kids ages 8-14. 

Gifted Child Quarterly

Publishes manuscripts that offer new or creative insights about giftedness and talent development in the context of the school, the home, and the wider society.  Also publishes research studies as well as manuscripts that explore policy and policy implications. 

Gifted Child Today

Offers educators practical and timely information about motivating and educating talented learners. 

Gifted Children Monthly

An online newsletter for parents and teachers of gifted and talented children. 


A periodical for middle and high school students who want to take control of their learning and get the most out of their precollege years. 

Journal for the Education of the Gifted

An internationally distributed journal committed to the analysis and communication of knowledge and research on the gifted and talented. 

Journal of Advanced Academics

A quarterly journal that focuses on research that supports and enhances advanced academic achievement for students of all ages. In particular, JAA publishes articles that feature strategies for increasing academic achievement, programs that promote high levels of academic achievement and engagement, and programs that prepare students to engage in high-level and rigorous academics. 

Roeper Review

Draws on all areas of gifted education, including manuscripts with a multidisciplinary focus that pertain to practice, policy, and applied research. Also considered for publication are well thought-out, non-research-based reflective manuscripts. 

Understanding Our Gifted

For parents, educators, and counselors who work with gifted children. It offers practical advice, information on social and emotional concerns, strategies to use at home and school, and educational options.