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Grants (Gifted Education)

ESCAPE (Eliminating Student Cost for Advanced Placement Exams) is the federal AP/IB Exam Fee Program in Colorado 2013-2014

Colorado's AP Exam fee program is called ESCAPE. Application to participate in the AP/IB exam fee program opens in the fall prior to the testing year. The annual grant is announced through emails, letters to high schools and coordinators, a notice in the statewide Colorado Department of Education publication and announcements in gifted-education updates and network meetings.

The deadline for participation in the 2014 ESCAPE grant was November 11, 2013. Grant funds are limited to the listed preapproved high schools. Only listed high schools may submit requests for exam fee funds for eligible students indicated on the College Board invoice. Other high schools are responsible for all exam costs invoiced by College Board.

Schools for the 2014 ESCAPE grant contingent upon the AP ESCAPE program released by the US Department of Education. 

Summary of 2014 costs for eligible students, schools, district or other funding sources:

  • Final AP Exam fee for eligible students: $18
    Pending the availability of federal funding, the state of Colorado will pay $37 per AP exam for eligible students. The College Board will provide $26 in fee reduction. High schools will waive the $8 processing fee for eligible students, and the exam will be $18 for eligible students. Please Note: The payment of exam fees is contingent upon receipt of a federal grant award for the 2014 AP and IB exams.


ESCAPE Documents for Exam Year 2014

  • AP Coordinators from confirmed high schools must verify the eligibility of the students benefiting from the ESCAPE grant, according to the guidance document provided by the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Fill in the "Option 1" bubble for Colorado fee reduction on the answer sheets of eligible students.

The deadline for applications for the AP ESCAPE grant was NOVEMBER 11, 2013

Due April 30, 2014 IB Coordinator's Assurance Checklist and Information Forms (PDF)

Due June 6, 2014 AP Coordinator's Assurance Checklist and Copy of College Board Invoice (DOC)

Due June 6, 2014 AP ESCAPE Student Collection Fee Form (DOC)

 EXAM YEAR 2013-2014

For more information, contact Carol Crossley, ESCAPE Coordinator, Colorado Department of Education; Phone: 719.821.5980; Email:



Take Five : Unfolding Gifted Programming

This Jacob K. Javits federal grant provided the funding for the development of eight professional development modules for educators working with gifted students, and the implementation of U-STARS to increase the identification of gifted students in low-income and/or high minority schools.


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