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Gifted Education Funding Formula

Description of the Gifted Education Funding Formula

AUs are required by law to provide a Comprehensive Program Plan (CPP) and budget to identify and serve gifted children who are at least five years of age (preschool is optional, except in the identification process for early access).  AUs may permit early access provided the program plan includes criteria and procedures for early access provisions required by law.

State categorical funds for gifted education are supplemental and offset the costs of a gifted program. State law does not prescribe a formula for distributing the appropriation for gifted children. The Department of Education distributes money to administrative units on a per pupil basis, except that 24 administrative units consisting of BOCES units and small districts have a formula that provides a base allocation and factors for size, rural districts and number of districts in the BOCES.  This adjustment was made in collaboration with representatives of administrative units in 2009.  The adjustment will allow changes in enrollment and number of rural districts in a BOCES to influence a more equitable distribution among the 24 administrative units.  A 2009 standard distributes 19% of the total allocation to the 24 administrative units and 81% of the total allocation to 36 administrative units.  This percentage standard is based upon the 2008 distribution. (Note: The 19/81 percent split is a “hold-harmless” factor.)

Gifted Education Formula

Formula I

81% of total distribution (36 administrative units)

Number of pupils in the AU = October enrollment count


AU's October enrollment count = 10,000 students

The per pupil rate (changes each year) = $11.68

10,000 students x $11.68 = $116,800

Total AU distribution = $116,800

Formula II

19% of total distribution (24 administrative units):

AU allocation equals the base amount + (factors for enrollment under 2000, percent of rural districts, and number of districts) plus the number of pupils in AU times the per pupil allocation

Factors for an administrative unit in the adjusted formula category

Number of pupils in the AU = October enrollment count

Base amount = $10,000

Under 2000 enrollment = $3,500

100% rural districts = $4,000

Factor for number of districts = (Number of districts – 1) x $2,000

Per pupil allocation = $11.68 (example)


Description of the Administrative Unit

Enrollment - 1980 students

18 districts: 6 rural and 12 non-rural = 33% rural

Formula: Base + under 2500 enrollment + rural factor + # of districts factor + per pupil factor = Total allocation

$10,000 + $3,500 + $1,320 (33% of $4,000) + $34,000 ((18-1) x $2,000) + $23,126 (1980 students x $11.68/student)  

Total = $71,946

Links of resources for the AU Gifted Coordinator/Director:

Note:  If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Gifted Program Administrator.

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