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Depth & Complexity Workshop 3 Resources


The documents on this page are for educators who have attended Workshop 3 and want copies of the materials used in that workshop.  All documents are in PDF format unless they can be modified for classroom use.  If you need any of the documents in another format due to accessibility issues, please contact make the subject line: DCF Accessibility.

Workshop 3: Encouraging self-directed learning and self-efficacy through project based learning

This final workshop in the series transfers the responsibility of choosing resources and procedures for answering a question, solving a problem or producing a project to the student. Through the use of universal concepts that expand student learning across disciplines, students utilize Depth & Complexity and Content Imperatives prompts to focus and guide their learning. Participants will prepare a project based lesson.




Depth & Complexity Overview                                                                 Workshop 1 Resources                                                      Workshop 2 Resources