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Project U-stars (Colorado)

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The purpose of the 3-year Javits project was to implement U-STARS in eight Colorado sites, supporting teachers in the early recognition and nurturing of potential in children from economically disadvantaged and/or culturally/linguistically diverse families and children with disabilities in order to improve achievement and provide access to the advanced educational opportunities. Project U-STARS refers to Using Science Talents and Abilities to Recognize Students.

The Jacob K. Javits Program and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation founded the original model, U-Stars (1999-2002). Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph.D., serves as the director and is the developer of the U-STARS program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC.

The resources available from the U-STARS grant and resources available through Colorado statewide regional assistance allows Colorado to develop a support system that can be modeled and sustained in local schools and regions within the state.

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  • Facilitate change of teacher practice in supporting the educational needs of gifted students
  • Increase gifted achievement as a result of implementing innovations of practice or curriculum
  • Increase identification of gifted students in low-income and high minority schools.