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Assessment Guidelines for Paraprofessionals

The purpose of the academic assessment of paraprofessionals is to demonstrate that they have the appropriate knowledge and skills to assist in instructing students.

The Colorado Department of Education has not adopted a single assessment tool; however, the following guidelines should be used by Local Educational Agencies to ensure compliance with NCLB (No Child Left Behind).

  1. The "highly qualified" paraprofessional must be able to demonstrate, through a national or local academic assessment, required content knowledge of:
    • reading, writing, and mathematics, (or, as appropriate, reading, writing and mathematics readiness) [section 1119(c) and (d)], and
    • the ability to assist teachers in the classroom instruction of students
  2. The LEA may choose to test the content knowledge of their paraprofessionals on any test that meets the Colorado-approved paraprofessional assessment standards.

Note: A Colorado paraprofessional, who has passed a paraprofessional assessment that meets Colorado/NCLB standards, is not required to pass any other formal paraprofessional content assessment.

Paraprofessional Assessment Standards

The paraprofessional assessment must be:

  1. Valid - measure mathematics, reading, and writing content at a level equivalent to two years of college and be applicable to duties being assigned to the paraprofessional, AND
  2. Reliable - provide consistent results.

Paraprofessional assessments that currently meet the guidelines are listed below. An LEA may develop its own test, provided that the same standards are met.

ACT - Work Keys
P.O. Box 168
2201 North Dodge Street
Iowa City, Iowa 52243-0168
Telephone: 1 (800) WORKKEY (967-5539)

ETS - ParaPro Assessment
Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Telephone: (609) 734-5555

For Additional Information Contact:

Jennifer Phillips
send an email

Joey Willett
Title I/ID

Brad Bylsma


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