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Public School Choice

Students who attend a Title I-funded school with a Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan type must be given the option of Public School Choice. This provision allows all students attending such a Title I school the option to transfer to another public school, including a public charter school, that is within the district that has a Performance or Improvement plan type.

The option of school choice must be made available to all students enrolled in Title I Priority Improvement and Turnaround schools, until the end of the school year that the school is no longer identified as Priority Improvement or Turnaround. Districts must provide transportation using funds from the Title I Supplemental Educational Services (SES) set-aside for students who transferred from a Title I school on Priority Improvement or Turnaround to the Choice school. If funds to provide school choice transportation are limited due to the number of requests for transfer, the district may give first priority to the lowest achieving students from low-income families based on achievement levels as evaluated by objective educational measures.

Students who exercise their right to attend another school under this school choice provision must be given the option to continue to attend that school until they complete the highest grade of that school, even if the original Title I school the student transferred from is no longer in Priority Improvement and Turnaround. The district is not obligated to provide transportation the year following identification of the original school with Performance or Improvement plan types.

Parents of students enrolled in Title I schools with Priority Improvement or Turnaround plans must be notified of the school's status and the option to send their student to another district school with a Performance or Improvement plan type. An example letter is provided below. Notice that in districts where a transfer school is not available, the district is not obligated to send notification to parents but the district does need to inform parents that their student may be eligible for Supplemental Educational Services (SES). For additional information regarding Title I Public School Choice, click on the link "Colorado Title I SES and Title I Public School Choice Guidance 2012".

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