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Colorado Charter Schools and No Child Left Behind

This information is taken from the Colorado Charter School Handbook. You can access the complete handbook by clicking the link below.

What Is a Charter School?

A charter school in Colorado is a public school operated by a group of parents, teachers and/or community members as a semi-autonomous school of choice within a school district, operating under a contract or "charter" contract between the members of the charter school community and the local board of education.

In a charter school, each student, parent and teacher chooses to be there. The "charter," as defined in the Charter Schools Act (Sections 22-30.5-101et. seq. C.R.S.), spells out the school goals, standards, education design, governance and operations. The degree of autonomy to be exercised by the charter school on such issues as personnel, curriculum and facilities is negotiated between the charter applicants and the local school district and reflected in the charter. School-centered governance, autonomy, and a clear design for how and what students will learn are the essential characteristics of a charter school.

Under Colorado law, a charter school is not a separate legal entity independent of the school district, but rather is a public school defined uniquely by a charter and partially autonomous while remaining within the school district. The approved charter application and accompanying agreements are the charter which serve as a contract between the charter school and the local board of education.


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