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Woodland Park School District Re-2

Program Description

Through the district subscription to ASCD Activate, each employee will complete a 3 course suite. Each course is 15 hours and employees will receive a certificate at the completion of each course. The certificates will be submitted to HR.
Once verified, HR will issue a "Certificate of Completion" documenting the 45 hour requirement.
The courses are as follows:
1. An Introduction to Teaching English Language Learners
2. English Language Learners in the Mainstream
3. Content-Based Instruction for English Language Learners




District employees only


Each employee is allowed to access two courses free of charge every year. If the employee would like to complete the suite of courses in one year, the cost would be $129.00 to the employee. This covers the one additional course in addition to their allotted credit of courses.

Required for Completion

Completion of the three-course suite

Contact Information

Del Garrick