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Summit Language Academy and Cross-Cultural Consulting

Program Description

This dynamic, engaging series of courses (offered face-to-face, online, and in hybrid formats) will provide educators with a solid foundation in language and literacy development, materials, methods, and assessment to best support their culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Educators will have the opportunity to learn about their local CLD population, processes for identification and re-designation, and legal considerations for English learners. Practical applications and strategies for fostering positive home/school/community connections will be incorporated throughout and explicitly connected with educators' individual contexts.


Open to all educators


Negotiable with districts and/or individual educators

Required for Completion

Completion of Foundations of CLDE, Theories of Language Development, Literacy for CLD Learners, Methods and Materials, and Assessment courses

Contact Information

Stephanie Dewing, Summit Language Academy:; 719.229.2191

Mary Hanson, Cross-Cultural Consulting:; 303.928.0063