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Roaring Fork Schools

Program Description

The outline of courses exceeds the 45 hours. The reason for this is to offer teachers options that meet their professional needs. The courses align with Roaring Fork Schools Common Components for High-Quality CLDE Programming and
Instruction. Many of these courses are already in place for new teachers and for teachers who take on the responsibility of teaching and ELD block of time. The outline offers courses for specific areas such as Spanish Literacy, SPED, and other topics for all teachers, regardless of the content area. The purpose of the wide selection is to give teachers the option to go deeper if they have previous experience or to get the initial foundational theories and practices if they are novice in CLDE.



Open to all educators


Free for district employees
Fee-based for all others

Required for Completion

45 hours of PD, including content in each element; download the PD Matrix for detailed course listing in each element.

Contact Information

Amy Fairbanks