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Littleton Public Schools

Program Description

Littleton Public Schools will offer 45 hours of CLDE professional learning that will align to the English Language Learner
Professional Development Standards and Elements. The courses will be offered on an ongoing basis and allow all teachers in our district to complete the pathway over time. We are hoping to start offering the courses as soon as the summer, 2019, assuming approval of our pathway.
Course #1: Culture, Diversity and Equity
Course #2: Engaging CLD Families
Course #3: Language Acquisition
Course #4: Literacy Development for CLD Students
Course #5: Effective Teaching Strategies for CLD Students Part 1
Course #6: Effective Teaching Strategies for CLD Students Part 2
All of the courses will be led by either outside consultants or will be led by our district learning services team. Our district learning services team includes ELD Administration, Literacy Coordinator, Math Coordinator, Equity Coordinators, and Special Education Administration. We will collaborate with each other, so that we have an integrated approach to the delivery of the six courses. These courses are created based upon current CLDE research and professional readings. Texts used during courses will be an anchor for determining professional learning outcomes and will drive the content. Teachers participating in the LPS pathway will experience a variety of instructional strategies and will work together to apply their learning to their instructional practice.



District employees only



Required for Completion

Completion of all 6 courses

Contact Information

Crystal Reid