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Lewis-Palmer School District

Program Description

Lewis-Palmer School District believes in local, national and global stewardship and our responsibility to create strong citizens who will secure a better world. This is WHY we educate. As part of this mission, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide meaningful and timely professional development to our staff.
We also believe that we hire the best professionals to work with our students and have a desire to keep these incredible people working with our students. Therefore, we are proposing the following professional development series to meet the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education requirements set by the state for license renewal.
There are four required courses and a menu of additional courses, two of which would additionally be required of staff. Each course is seven and a half hours and will be taught either online or brick and mortar depending on the time of year and availability of instructors. Instructor qualifications are listed for each course. Our goal is to offer these courses during a two-year cycle so that staff can complete the requirements within two calendar years.


District employees only



Required for Completion

Completion of four required courses and additional courses totaling 45 clock hours

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