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CIVITAS Education Group

Program Description

CIVITAS Education Group has combined foundational ESL pedagogy with cutting-edge SEE classroom practices to provide our clients with comprehensive, individualized, and relevant educational professional development.

Whether our 12-module course is taken online or in person, the CDE-approved 45 hour EL-CLD curriculum supports professional and academic growth of teachers and provides them with an opportunity to use their classroom and teaching experience to drive their own learning.

As teachers ourselves, we aim to serve America's students through serving America's teachers.  Our EL-CLD curriculum will support teachers in providing a safe and equitable classroom for an increasing ELL and CLD student population.


Open to all educators, individuals, groups, schools, and districts.


Investment fee based on service type.  Email for more information. 

Required for Completion

Participant has met expectations in all 12-modules of the course

Contact Information

William Vernon Bromley III (Bill)