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Harrison School District 2

Program Description

Participants who complete the HSD2 CLDE 45-hour PD program will be issued a single CDE Approved certificate to submit with their license renewal application.   Completion of each of the five 9-hour courses will equal the 45-hour required by CDE


Participants will be attending full-day PD. These courses will be taught strictly face-to-face with an instructor.

 At the end of each course, participants will complete a 1-hour course reflection homework assignment describing:

1)What have they learned in this session? 

2) What does this new learning mean for their teaching practice?

3) How will they apply this new learning to their classroom? 


Open to all educators


No cost to Harrison District employees
$50 per course for out-of-district educators

Required for Completion

Participants must complete all 5 courses to receive a certificate of completion.

Contact Information

Lynda Idle