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Fort Lewis College

Program Description

This professional development sequence supports in- service educators to develop foundational understandings of language acquisition, linguistically and culturally responsive pedagogies, and instructional and assessment strategies in literacy and across content areas to support CLD students in classrooms and schools. As a regional provider in Southwestern Colorado, Fort Lewis College has designed this professional development to support the needs of the local rural schools and districts by providing teachers with a rich conceptual foundation along with practical tools to implement in the classroom. The professional development may contain in-person and/or online components and will be taught as a collaboration by Fort Lewis College faculty and local teacher practitioners. The content will be spread across three one-credit modules:

  1. Creating Equitable Classrooms 
  2. Language Acquisition and Literacy Development
  3. Teaching Academic and Discipline-Specific Language


Open to all educators


Cost is negotiated through MOU's depending on number of credits and participants

Required for Completion

All three modules must be completed.

Contact Information

Lorien Chambers Shuldt