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Fountain-Fort Carson District 8

Program Description

This series of courses, which includes face-to-face seminars and independent practice, will provide the foundation in language and literacy necessary for educators to effectively meet the needs of their culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Special emphasis will be placed on learning content through language, language development theories, assessment, and essential practices that support the academic success of English learners. In addition, the courses will highlight the critical roles of equity and advocacy in education as well as promote the importance of building strong home, school and community connections. The local CLD population and policies will serve as the basis for practical applications that will be incorporated throughout the program.  The program is comprised of the following courses:

  • ESL Strategies for Classroom Teachers
  • Thinking Maps for English Learners
  • SIOP for ELD Instruction


District employees only



Required for Completion

All three courses must be completed.

Contact Information

Mary Brennan