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Program Description

COpilot (Colorado Professional Institute for Learning Online Together) is the Colorado Education Association's robust online learning platform. COpilot houses over 50 online classes that are fully facilitated by Association members who are full-time teachers. Each class uses a PDSA learning cycle to ensure that educators actually incorporate what they learn into their practice. Educators across the state regardless of membership status can take classes that focus on a variety of instructional strategies, leadership theories, student advocacy, and classroom management. All of these classes allow educators to earn hours towards license renewal and they all qualify for graduate credit through Adams State University.


Open to all Colorado educators


Free or reduced pricing for Colorado Education Association Members based on course length

Reduced pricing for potential Colorado Education Association members on all courses

Required for Completion

You must complete 45 hours of coursework that addresses each of the standards and elements to receive a certificate of completion.

A list of courses with hours is available here.

A matrix of courses and the standards/elements they address is available here.

Contact Information


Casey Kilpatrick, Colorado Education Association Director of Learning Services