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Aurora Public Schools

Program Description

APS is committed to preparing all teachers and related services staff to better support ALL students. That is why the commitment was made to provide this opportunity to all APS licensed new hires. Starting with the 2009-2010 newly hired APS licensed staff, completion of the APS Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Credential, or equivalent university coursework, is a condition of continued employment.
In 2009, Aurora Public Schools entered into an agreement with the Office for Civil Rights, and as a part of this agreement, APS continues to provide CLDE-specific professional learning coursework to all licensed employees (beginning with 2009-2010 hires). Licensed employees engage in professional learning courses in connection with each of the CDE English Learners Professional Development Standards, and they must complete this required coursework by the end of their third year of employment. Focus areas for coursework include 1) Language and Equity, 2) Strategies for English Language Development, 3) Academic Language and Content.  


District employees only



Required for Completion

Specific course requirements based on hire date and license type/role can be found here.

Contact Information

APS CLDE Professional Learning
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