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EL/CLD Professional Development at The Academy of Charter Schools

Program Description

EL/CLD Professional Development is a 45 hour PD program presented over the course of five years. It is comprised of five modules: 1. Getting to Know Our CLD population, 2. Understanding the WIDA Organization, Resources, and Assessment Tools, 3. Honoring Culture and Increasing Equity for ELL student populations 4. Student Centered Instructional Best Practices for ELs, 5. Mastery Learning and Mastery Tracking

Within these five modules, a series of workshops - denoted by the hours of each module - dives into specific topics and skills within these topics. Workshops are differentiated for new and veteran teachers, and all are focused teaching instructional best practices for EL students via modeling of those practices. Strategies, information, and modeling in these workshops is updated annually to provide a continual path of growth throughout the course of the five-year cycle.


Employees only



Required for Completion

Completion of all five modules

Contact Information

Leigh Florita

Director of Special Programs

303-289-8088 ext. 218