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Yuma School District-1


  • Northeast
  • Pikes Peak

Type of Provider: Public School District

Main Contact:
Beth Dischner

418 South Main Street
Yuma, CO 80759

Program Description: Yuma is a prosperous, agricultural community in the northeast plains of Colorado. The Yuma school district enjoys the enthusiastic support of the community, including mil levy financial support. Yuma School District-1 is committed to meeting the academic needs of all students and to being an innovator in public school performance. YSD-1 accepts learning as the fundamental purpose of our schools and examines all practices in light of their impact on learning. YSD-1 expects all students to demonstrate proficient or above on all State Assessments by encouraging students and teachers to perform at the highest levels and conforming to Colorado Academic Standards. Our district serves approximately 840 students in grades PreK-12 and employs nearly 65 teachers. YSD-1 has a rising percentage of English language learners in the mid-40’s. YSD-1 has placed great emphasis in the last few years on technology for the classroom and w ithin. As an outgrow th of the Eagle Net initiative, the district benefits from a more than a 20 times increase in Internet band width since 2011. Buildings and classrooms are being reconnected for video and interactive-level applications. Efforts are being directed to allow database and assessment applications, especially those for tracking and predicting student achievement, to operate seamlessly throughout the district. Newly acquired Remote/Distance Learning application and facilities will be used to increase access.

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