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Weld RE-8 School District


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Type of Provider: Public School District

Main Contact:
Karla Schriner

301 Reynolds St.
Ft. Lupton, CO 80621

Program Description: The purpose of the evaluation training is to support district and school level administrators in effectively implementing the evaluation process through the use of evaluation tools, collecting and analyzing data, and providing feedback to promote effective professional practices as described by the educator quality standards. The training will be interactive, collaborative, and provide relevant resources to support implementation of the evaluation process. The essential components of training will include:

  • Overview of SB 191 (Purpose, Critical Effects, Priorities of Implementation, and Process)
  • Definition of Effectiveness
  • Understanding the elements of the Quality Educator Standards
  • Understanding the structure of the professional practices rubric, using the rubric, and scoring the rubric
  • Measures of Student Outcomes
  • Goal Setting and Coaching Conferences
  • Putting It All Together

Through discussion, modeling, simulation, and video components participants w ill have an opportunity to make meaning of the professional practice rubrics as they practice collecting evidence to support rubric ratings. As participants participate in these activities, the accompanying conversations w ill inter-rater agreement to develop to support consistent rubric ratings across the district and within schools. The training will progress as participants learn about the role measures of student outcomes play in the evaluation process. Participants will simulate how to use evaluation tools to support the calculation of the 50% measure relating to measures of student outcomes. This portion of the training w ill emphasize the importance of goal setting and coaching conferences. Lastly, participants will learn how to put it all together to determine a final rating using the evaluation system.

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