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Type of Provider: Institution of Higher Education

Main Contact:
Ellen Miller-Brown

999 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208

Program Description: University of Denver Educational Leadership and Policy Studies will offer two separate trainings, one for educators coaching and evaluating teachers and service professionals and another for educators coaching and evaluating principals. Each of these sixteen-hour programs entitled, “Evaluation that Makes Sense and Inspires Purpose,” will focus on the art and the science of evaluation and be conducted through inquiry-based, collaborative activities that support competency-based practices. Since developmental and clinical supervision and evaluation that impact student learning involves human judgment, supportive relationships built on trust and a common understanding of quality performance, our time the first day w ill be spent on these priorities of effective implementation. We will learn about ways to create a culture of improvement in which we:

  • Construct a strengths-based climate of hope and possibility in the service of students and families
  • Interact w ith Colorado Academic Standards and w ays they might be demonstrated by students
  • Explore Colorado Educator Effectiveness Standards and the evidence that might be used to demonstrate mastery
  • Design coherent, aligned systems of evaluation processes and collection of artifacts
  • Conduct targeted, specific observations
  • Provide effective, grow th-enhancing feedback

In Day Two, we will focus on the two portions of evaluation, professional practice and student learning or outcomes. For an understanding of professional practice, we will:

  • Review the findings from the CDE report
  • Examine the Colorado State Model Evaluation System and its components
  • Discuss Inter-rater Reliability and Inter-rater Agreement, and the value of inter-rater agreement to performance feedback and professional development planning
  • Define evidence and artifacts
  • Understand and apply best practices to scoring the rubric
  • Use Elevate Colorado to practice Inter-rater Agreement

For an understanding of the other 50% of the of the evaluation process, the measures of student learning/outcomes, we will:

  • Be familiar with the requirements of Teacher Quality Standard VI, Service Professional Quality Standard VI and Principal Quality Standard VII
  • Discuss the decisions that have been or need to be made by participants regarding the development or use of district-created measures and state-mandated measures of Student Learning Outcomes and Student Academic Growth
  • Practice setting targets and scales of student learning and outcomes that are rigorous and attainable
  • Learn formative practices that help educators monitor student learning and target and scale attainment

Online resources will be shared with participants, as will evaluation management schedules, observation forms, coaching and feedback protocols and assessment inventories. This practical and interactive program will support all educators to feel competent and eager to try new strategies to support their staff and students improve.

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