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Type of Provider: Consultant 

Main Contact:
Joyce Joyce

600 Grant St., Suite 525
Denver, CO 80203

Program Description: PEBC is a Colorado-based organization that provides professional development services for practicing educators locally and nationally, and operates the Colorado Boettcher Teacher Residency for training w ell-qualified new teachers for high-needs schools. PEBC’sv mission is to drive cutting-edge teaching practices, and inform and provoke the public, to improve education for all. PEBC’s goal is to provide training and professional learning to cultivate highly effective K-12 educators to elevate student growth and achievement. Founded in 1983, PEBC’s original focus w as on providing professional development at local schools, and engaging business leaders to get involved in public education reform. In 1997, PEBC staff published the ground-breaking book Mosaic of Thought (Heinemann, 1997), describing how teachers could enhance students’ reading comprehension through explicit thinking strategy instruction. At that time, PEBC expanded its professional development w ork, sharing its research-based best practices w ith other educators nationw ide. Lab Classrooms were established to offer educators from around the country an opportunity to observe exemplary teachers in action. In 2004, PEBC expanded to address the unique needs of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers striving to foster student understanding. Its work with STEM educators promotes effective content area literacy instruction, in addition to other instructional practices that catalyze student thinking. Recognizing the need for systemic alignment of effective practice, PEBC currently offers school and district leaders, and leadership teams, opportunities for thought-partnering and coaching. These efforts focus on critical thinking skills for effective leadership and building a culture of grow th-focused interactions, collaboration and inquiry. Facilitation of communities of practice, one-on-one coaching and in-depth study of the critical facets of leadership support the w ork of effective classroom instruction, and strengthens a culture of learning for all members of the organization. Most of PEBC’s w ork takes place in the classroom, w here learning is directly linked to the practices of teachers in their own school settings. It provides a unified approach for schools, w orking w ith groups of teachers w ithin grades and subjects, to create a systemic and sustainable culture of learning. Educators learn to build a clear and shared vision of effective instruction that promotes student thinking. PEBC supports educators in refining their instructional and professional practice to align with the Colorado Educator Effectiveness Standards:

  • Curriculum: focus on academic standards/curriculum alignment and on “planning backw ards” to develop lessons;
  • Instruction: focus on instructional best practices such as “gradual release of responsibility” and use of the Workshop Model, so students engage more deeply in their learning by doing most of the talking, w riting, and thinking;
  • Assessment: focus on improving formative assessment practices (timely, descriptive and usable by students and teachers, e.g. quizzes, tests, daily handouts) rather than relying primarily on summative assessments (TCAP);
  • Differentiation: focus on meeting all students’ learning needs, especially for English Language Learners and/or students w ith special needs; and
  • Thinking Strategies: focus on the role that reading comprehension strategies play in deepening student’s ability to engage in high-level cognitive processes.

Training is guided by Instructional Coaches and Leadership Coaches who provide one-on-one observation and feedback to educators. In addition to on-site observation, coaching and facilitation, PEBC offers off-site professional learning opportunities. Seminars and Institutes provide the necessary background know ledge to implement best practice instruction. Participating educators may attend Lab Classrooms of exemplary teachers to observe them utilizing research-based best practices. Learn more by visiting our website at

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