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Paula Chostner


  • Pikes Peak

Type of Provider: Individual Consultant 

Main Contact:
Paula Chostner

302 W. Pitkin Avenue 
Pueblo, CO 81004

Program Description: This four-day workshop series is for participants who are fulfilling the administrative licensure requirement, practicing administrators desiring to update their understanding of evaluation of educator effectiveness, and educators without an administrative license who may be identified as “designees” under Senate Bill 10-191. Participants will learn about effective teacher evaluation methods in the context of a standards-based instructional system:

  • Learn and practice a variety of evaluator skills and procedures w ith emphasis on those that are critical to implementing Colorado’s new educator effectiveness law .
  • Understand the relationship betw een supervision and evaluation, quality instruction, school improvement, and student academic growth.
  • Learn how to use the evaluation rubric as part of an overall quality school improvement system, including data collection, observation, conferencing, and managing the system efficiently.
  • Improve observation and conferencing skills, including skills for providing effective feedback.
  • Learn how to identify w hich standards and elements should be the focus of a teacher’s evaluation to help them improve their professional practice and develop a personalized professional learning plan.
  • Understand methods of collecting a solid body of evidence and artifacts in addition to the observation to support an evaluation.
  • Identify key factors in w riting quality reports and other w ritten communication as an evaluator.
  • Examine an overview of the legal requirements specified in CDE’s rules and regulations.
  • Understand the use of CDE’s evaluation tools, including goal setting, the self-assessment, and the Measures of Student Learning.

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