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Mario Romero


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Type of Provider: Individual Consultant 

Main Contact:
Mario Romero

3075 Navigation Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Program Description: This 4-day seminar series for participants w ho are fulfilling the administrative licensure requirement, practicing administrators desiring to update their understanding of evaluation of educator effectiveness, and educators w ithout an administrative license w ho may be identified as designees under SB 191. Learn about effective staff and teacher evaluation methods in the context of standards based practice:

  • Learn and practice a variety of evaluator skills and procedures w ith emphasis on those that w ill be critical to implementing Colorado’s new educator effectiveness law.
  • Understand the relationship betw een supervision and evaluation, quality instruction, school improvement, and student academic growth.
  • Learn how to use the rubric as part of an overall quality school improvement process system, including data collection, observation, conferencing, and managing the system efficiently.
  • Improve observation and conferencing skills, including skills for providing effective feedback.
  • Learn how to identify w hich standards and elements should be the focus of a specific teacher’s evaluation in order to offer insights into the performance improvement and develop a personalized professional learning plan.
  • Understand how to collect a solid body of evidence and artifacts from multiple sources beyond observation.
  • Identify key factors to consider in evaluation report writing and other written communication associated with supervision and evaluation.
  • Examine an overview of the legal requirements specified in CDE’s rules and regulations.

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