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Kelly Stupnik

Program Description

During my training, participants will learn about effective staff and teacher evaluation methods in the context of standards-based practice reflected in the Colorado State Model Evaluation System, which include:  

  • A variety of evaluator skills and procedures with emphasis on those that are critical to implementing Colorado’s educator effectiveness law (S.B. 191).
  • The relationship between supervisor and evaluation, quality instruction, and student academic growth.
  • How to use the rubric as part of an overall quality school improvement process system, including data collection, observation, conferencing, and managing the system efficiently.
  • How to collect a solid body of evidence and artifacts from multiple sources beyond observation.
  • How to identify which standards and elements should be the focus of a specific teacher’s evaluation in order to offer insights into performance improvement and develop a personalized professional learning plan.
  • The use of CDE’s evaluation tools, including goal setting, the self-assessment, and the measures of student learning.

Depending on your needs, the following modules are offered:

  • Professional Practices
  • Measures of Student Learning/Outcomes
  • Evaluation Best Practices 
  • Inter-rater Agreement/Calibrating
  • Colorado Performance Management System (RANDA)
  • Annual Orientation

Please contact me if you would like to customize your training and/or modules.  In addition, participants can receive certification upon completion of their training.   


  • Pikes Peak 
  • Southeast

Type of Provider

Individual Consultant

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Kelly Stupnik


29889 Gale Road
Pueblo, CO 81006