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Type of Provider: Consultant 

Main Contact
Lynn Zupans

201 Arthur Street
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Program Description: Cogent Education Solutions is a Colorado State Model Educator Evaluation Trainer. Consultants Lynn Zupans and Leesa Morgan-Baker have a combined 27 years of successful experience as Colorado Public School Administators and w e are committed to providing quality training and support for the implementation of teacher and principal effectiveness. We believe the Colorado State Model Evaluation System is designed to improve educator effectiveness and student outcomes. We provide Colorado State Model Educator Evaluation training to help districts distribute leadership, manage workload and ensure high quality feedback to all educators. State statute and rules allow evaluator designees to conduct evaluations for teachers, principals and specialized personnel as long as they have been through an evaluator training program approved by the Colorado Department of Education. We also provide training for administrators who implement the Colorado State Model Evaluation system and want to improve their evaluation practices and gain deeper understanding of the art and science of evaluation.

Target audience:

1. Qualify those designees who don't have a principal's or administrator's license AND they will be evaluating teachers, principals, or specialized service professionals.

2. Those licensed evaluators who are new to the state model system or would like to deepen their expertise on either the Professional Practices requirement or the Measures of Student Learning requirement of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System.

3. Those educators who would like to deepen their understanding of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System but may not be a designee.

4. Teacher leaders who want to support others with the implementation of the Colorado State Model System.

We provide Colorado State Model Evaluation System Training and Support:

• Guidelines for Evaluator Designee Training equates to 3 days or 21 hours of professional development.

• Guidelines for Licensed Evaluator Training is customized according to an assessment of needs and collaborative goal setting.

We provide additional supports for the implementation of :

o Coaching for designees on site

o Observation work-collaborative instructional rounds with teachers

o Inter rater agreement –practice and collaboration

o Colorado State Model Evaluation System orientation

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