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Arapahoe 2 Sheridan School District


Type of Provider: Public School district 

Main Contact: 
Brad Schultz

Program Description: This training is an informational as well as a planning based training to allow District and Building administrators to have the knowledge, skills, and plan for action to be effective and efficient in implementing the Colorado Educator Evaluation Program. The training is designed to work with small groups of administrators from the same AU.Topics covered include the Purpose and Critical Effects of SB 10-191, how administrators can prioritize their implementation of the evaluation and understand w hat it means to be an Effective Educator. Administrators will understand the Elements of the evaluation and Rubrics on which educators will be evaluated as well as understanding what the evaluation means once it is completed. Administrators will understand Inter-rater reliability and have a chance to measure their observations against others. Administrators will also be able to look at what measures of student grow th they currently use, and decide which of these they will use for the Student Learning component of the evaluation.

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