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Type of Provider: Consultant 

Main Contact:
Margo Barnhart

1823 45th Avenue
Greeley, CO 

Program Description: The Ala Carte Learning Solutions Colorado Model Teacher Evaluation course is a highly engaging, 2-5 day seminar series for practicing professional educators who desire to update their knowledge and skills in evaluation, who may not hold an administrative license but have been assigned by their school/district as an evaluator designee and/or wish to become certified as an evaluator using the Colorado State Model Evaluation System. The series of seminars focuses on the concepts, theory and best practices in effective supervision and evaluation, as well as the processes and tools of effective evaluation systems in the context of standards-based practice.

Because a school and/or school district’s values and beliefs are the cornerstone of any evaluator training a needs assessment will be collaboratively conducted with professional participants. This pre-assessment includes the values and beliefs of participants regarding the evaluation of teachers, principals and special service providers and  will become the basis of determining the length, depth and duration of the seminar series. In addition to this pre-assessment both formative and summative assessments will be collaboratively developed with the Ala Carte Team and professional participants

Ala Carte Learning Solutions Professional Educator Evaluation Program Participants will:

  • Demonstrate using the requirements and alignment of the State Model Evaluation System (S.B. 10-191) for teachers, principals and special service providers. 
  • Explore the resources, tools and supports available to evaluators to implement the State Model Evaluation System.
  • Review the research on teaching and learning systems, and apply this knowledge to establish inter-rater agreement around good teaching and its impact on effective evaluation. 
  • Demonstrate effective use of the rubric as part of an overall quality school improvement system, including data collection, observation, skills for post conferencing and managing the system efficiently. 
  • Practice observation and conferencing skills, including skills that promote actionable and effective feedback.
  • Explain the relationship between supervision and evaluation, quality instruction, Colorado Academic Standards, school improvement and academic growth.
  • Analyze and synthesize the process necessary to identify which standards and elements should be the focus of a teacher's evaluation in order to develop a professional growth plan.
  • Examine and utilize measures of student learning, methods of data collection and analysis, and their impact on final effectiveness ratings.
  • Demonstrate how to collect an effective body of evidence and artifacts from multiple sources beyond observation, and practice including this in a data conference.
  • When writing an evaluation report, identify key factors to consider and reflect upon effective supervision and evaluation strategies
  • Explore the legal, political and economic environment in which teacher evaluation occurs. 

The professionals at Ala Carte Learning Solutions, Inc., a public benefit corporation, comprise a highly skilled and widely experienced team that, takes most seriously, the challenge of professional educator evaluation as a continuing improvement process. Currently, the Ala Carte Learning Solutions Team consists of six experienced educators with a combined history of service in the field of education exceeding 100 years!

  • Margo Walsh Barnhart, Ed.D., CEO
  • Philip E. Bernhardt, Ed.D., Associate ConsultantJerald L. Barnhart, M.A., Teaching and Learning Coach
  • Doy Hampton, M.A., Teaching and Learning Coach
  • Bonnie Lavin, M.A., Teaching and Learning Coach
  • Christine Melusky, M.A., Teaching and Learning Coach

For a more complete look at our ALA CARTE LEARNING SOLUTIONS, INC. TEAM and what we offer as a public benefit corporation, please check out our website:

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