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Type of Provider: Consultant

Main Contact:
Anna Goetz

445 Hall Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Program Description

As a Colorado State Model Approved Evaluator Training Provider, AEG Consulting, LLC offers a differentiated program of support to schools, districts, and BOCES wishing to 1) increase student learning through the overall effectiveness of the evaluation process for teachers, principals, and specialized service providers; 2) increase the effectiveness of teachers’ professional practice; 3) increase the human capacity for effective instructional leadership by administrators, teacher leaders, and instructional coaches; and 4) certify evaluator “designees” as allowed by SB 10-191. Because AEG understands that each school and district is in a different place regarding SB 10-191 and desires clarity of alignment to initiatives, a series of modules can be taken individually or packaged (with adjusted times) to meet differentiated needs. Graduate credit should be available for an additional cost. If taken separately, modules 1-5 are required for educators without an administrative license to become certified as “designees” under Senate Bill 10-191. The “designee” certification is offered as a stand-alone four-day course, offering current administrators wishing to improve their evaluation practices the added benefit of working collaboratively with teacher leaders. Our website explains in more detail the following available modules:

1. State Statutory Requirements of SB 10-191: The purpose, critical effects, timelines, and nine-step evaluation process (2 hours – face-to-face and/or online)
2. The State Model Rubrics: Purpose, Design, Impact on Student Learning, and Applied Practice (1 day – face-to-face and/or online)
3. Measures of Student Learning: State Statutory Requirements for the Other 50% (2 hours – face-to-face and/or online)
4. Evaluation Data Collection, Documentation, and Inter-rater Agreement Practices: Creating a measure of consistency and evidential support for evaluations using the State Model Rubrics (1 day – face-to-face and/or online)
5. The Art and Science of Observation, Coaching, and Feedback (2 days – 1st day must be face-to-face; the 2nd may be – face-to-face and/or online)
6. The State Model Rubrics: Creating Leverage for School and District Initiatives (1 day – face-to-face workshop model)
7. Assessment Literacy: Choosing and Designing Quality Measures of Student Learning (1 day – face-to-face and/or online)
8. Unit Design: Backward Design for the CAS and Postsecondary Workforce Readiness. (1-4 days, depending on depth ( minimum of 1 day face-to-face workshop model, with additional days – face-to-face and/or online)
9. Creating a Culture for Learning: Setting the Stage for 21st Century Skills, Performance- and Project- Based Learning AND increased academic rigor through Quality Standards II & III. Recommended to be (2-4 days, depending on depth, face-to-face workshop model)

AEG can also collaboratively design SB 10-191 professional development that is directly aligned to district or school initiatives or which combine elements of various modules to meet specific needs. AEG Consulting, LLC offers a complimentary 90-minute conference to discuss school or district needs and answer questions.



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