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This document describes a step by step process for districts to consider as they determine their approaches and design considerations for evaluating measures of student learning.  As districts develop their approach, they will want to keep the following principles in mind:

  • The process begins with districts identifying key learning goals in each content area and grade.  Identifying these learning goals serves as the foundation for selecting the set of appropriate assessments and measures to use in teacher evaluations and is consistent with the intended vision that all measures used in an educator evaluation system provides meaningful and useful information for educators 
  • The guiding principles and values for selecting assessments and selecting an approach and method for combining measures are made transparent and clear to all stakeholders 
  • Educator evaluator systems employed by districts are continuously monitored and improved based on impact data

There are four additional documents for all districts to review that relate to the design of the educator evaluator system:

  1. User’s Guide for Evaluating Colorado’s Educators with the Colorado State Model Evaluation System rubric (relevant for the 50 percent based on professional practices)
  2. Colorado’s approach for combining professional practices with measures of student learning (combining the 50 percent professional practices with the 50 percent measures of student learning)
  3. Student learning objectives process, a Colorado approach (coming soon)
  4. Use of the SPF/DPF in educator evaluations (coming soon)
  5. Guidance for districts for using Colorado Growth Model results in educator evaluation (coming soon)


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