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State Model Evaluation System Pilot


Many aspects of the State Model Evaluation System have undergone significant revisions, informed by multiple stakeholder groups including a rubric Technical Working Group, a scoring Technical Working Group, and 30 focus groups conducted throughout the state. All changes will be piloted by 50 districts and BOCES in Colorado during the 2017-18 school year. Data collected from these pilot sites will inform future changes to the State Model Evaluation System. View the districts, BOCES, and charter schools piloting these changes


Revised Colorado Teacher Rubric - Online Feedback Form 

The Educator Effectiveness Team has created a revised teacher rubric online feedback form! Educators from across the state can use this form to provide feedback and possible suggested changes to the revised teacher rubric being piloted across Colorado. As part of the rubric revision process, some elements have been combined, professional practice language has changed, practices have been moved to different rating levels and some practices have been deleted and added based on data collected over time. Feedback can be provided at the professional practice, element, or standard level. 

View the revised teacher rubric before entering the online feedback form in order to make better use of the form and your time. 

The revised Colorado Teacher Rubric feedback form is intended to be completed in one session. Feedback participants can provide as little or as much feedback to each recommended change as desired. Depending on how much feedback is provided, it can take from 30 minutes if there's only feedback to a few changes and up to a few hours if input is submitted to all the recommended changes. To facilitate the process of providing feedback and maximize time, it is recommended that the revised rubric provided above is printed and reviewed before beginning this session. The survey will close Friday, December 29, 2017. Educators are encouraged to enter the online feedback form as many times as necessary to provide quality feedback.

View the feedback form for the revised Colorado Teacher Rubric. 

Timeline for Implementation

Phase 1

Summer 2016

  • Work with WestED to develop a plan for the proposed rubric revisions
  • Analyze qualitative and quantitative data from 2012 to date
  • Determine Rubric Technical Working Group participants
  • Communicate plan with partner organizations

Early Fall 2016

  • Meet with State Council for Educator Effectiveness (SCEE)
  • Meet with Rubric Technical Working Group to revise a draft rubric based on review of data
  • Establish a timeline and protocol for meeting with focus groups

Late Fall 2016 – Late Spring 2017

  • Conduct recorded regional focus groups to get feedback on proposed revisions
    • Principals, teachers, district leaders experienced with the teacher rubric
  • Contact potential pilot districts
  • Develop revised scoring logic for professional practice and overall effectiveness rating

April-July 2017

  • Rubric Technical Working Group uses data from focus groups to make final rubric revisions
  • Revised draft rubric is submitted to RANDA for input into COPMS 
  • Scoring Technical Working Group uses data from focus groups to make final scoring revisions
  • Develop training and support documents

August 2017-April 2018

  • Pilot all changes to the State Model Evaluation System
  • Collect data from pilots at critical points in the evaluation process

Phase 2

April 2018-July 2018

  • If favorable, both Technical Working Groups use data to make final revisions to State Model Evaluation System
  • Seek approval from Colorado State Board of Education for revisions to the State Model Evaluation System
  • If accepted, submit changes to RANDA for input into COPMS
  • Create support documents (User’s Guide/Resource Guide, etc.)
  • Communicate and train on changes statewide

Phase 3

(Based on results of Phase 2)

  • Statewide implementation

Please note that we will be using a similar process to examine the principal/assistant principal and Specialized Service Professionals rubrics to ensure alignment of all rubrics in the State Model Evaluation System.

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