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Improving the effectiveness of new educators

Quality induction programs are essential to recruiting and retaining effective educators, as well as meeting statewide student achievement goals.

Newly licensed educators – and veteran educators who are new to a school or district – deserve quality training and support.

CDE supports these educators by providing funding for and approving school districts’ induction programs, and surveying new educators.

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Approving induction programs

Colorado’s 178 school districts are required to provide induction programs for new educators, and new educators must successfully complete an induction program to earn a Colorado professional teaching license. Learn more about educator induction.

Providing funding

To help Colorado school districts enhance induction programs, CDE disseminates funds to districts through Title IIA of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Learn more about how these federal funds help districts improve support to new educators.

Surveying new educators

The TELL Colorado Survey is an opportunity for every educator to “tell Colorado” if they have positive teaching and learning conditions that research has shown to impact student learning and teacher retention. It also asks new educators for their perceptions of their induction programs and mentoring experiences.

CDE administers the survey to all educators every other year. Data help CDE and school districts monitor how well we’re meeting the needs of new educators.