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E-rate Q and A

  1. Are business lines from a home for teachers that provide instruction online eligible for E-rate?


  1. What are the state laws governing procurement?

Review the Procurement Code of Ethics and Guidelines for information regarding state procurement rules.

  1. What is the Tabor clause and where do we use it?

The Tabor clause is as follows and is used on your form 470 in block 2, 13a.

A Colorado constitutional amendment prohibits public schools and libraries from entering into multiple-year financial obligations, such as multi-year contracts, without pre-allocation of the funds unless the local voters have previously approved such an obligation. [Colo. Const. Article X, Section 20(4)(b)] However, funding agreements, including multi-year contracts, that are subject to annual appropriations by a governing board, such as a school board, generally are allowed and are not subject to this constitutional provision since the governing board decides each year to make a particular expenditure.”

  1. What is a Split FRN and can you provide an example of one?

A split FRN is when you have 2 vendors providing the same service within the same funding year. An example of a split FRN is when the contract for vendor A expires in December 2005, and vendor B picks up service in January 2005.

  1. How much faith can you put into the information given from the Client Service Bureau?

The FCC has issued guidance regarding information received by the client service bureau. They indicate that the information is only the opinion of the representative on the other end and you should only rely on the rules of the program.

Since that guidance was given, the FCC has made concessions regarding information being given by the Client Service Bureau. They will review cases where the Client Service Bureau has given the wrong information. Always try to get information from them in writing and refer to your application instructions for guidance.

  1. Is basic maintenance a part of the 2/5 year stipulation?

No, it is not. You can apply for basic maintenance annually.

  1. What needs to happen if you only receive 1 bid?  No bids?

You need to document that fact and keep it on file for 5 years

  1. Are WISCA contracts state contracts?

No. WISCA stands for Western States Contracting Alliance. Members are able to take advantage of pre-negotiated contracts through this organization. This has no affiliation with state contracts.

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