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Educational Grants for Colorado Educators

This page provides links to information on grants of interest to Colorado educators and education administrators. Note: For information on the CDE Consolidated Federal Programs application and on other federal and state grants administered by the Colorado Department of Education, please visit the CDE State and Federal Education Grants Index Page.

This listing of other types of grant funding is not comprehensive and references only those grants that have been brought to the attention of the Department. You can use your browser's Find command to search for the names of specific grant programs on this web page. In addition, using your favorite search engine, you can access other links to education grant funding sources and indexes on the World Wide Web. For details on obtaining more comprehensive listings of grant information through your local library and on the World Wide Web, click here for a list of other grant information resources.

Note: In order to view and/or print several of the documents available on this page, first-time users of the Adobe Acrobat PDF format need to perform a one-time installation of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (v. 5.0).

Other Federal Grant Programs:

Other Grant Programs:

  • At-Risk Prevention Efforts -- Funding SourcesPDF
    Lists federal, state and private funding sources for prevention efforts. Call the CDE Prevention Initiatives Unit at 303/866-6750 if you need further information.
  • Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy
    The goal of this program is to develop and expand family literacy efforts nationwide and to support the development of literacy programs that build families of readers.
  • Beaumont Foundation of America
    Grants Toshiba- branded equipment to support digital inclusion for underserved individuals in all 50 states through three grant programs: community grants of technology equipment to community- based organizations; education grants of technology equipment for schools; and individual grants of technology equipment directly to individuals.
  • Braitmayer Foundation
    Supports organizations and programs from across the US which enhance the education of K-12 children.
  • ClassLink
    Sponsored by a consortium of cell phone service providers, this program gives cell phones and free calling time to classroom instructors.
  • Classroom Connection
    Classroom Connection is a teacher networking program that recognizes and rewards exemplary teaching in classrooms. It is sponsored by Xcel Energy Foundation and is available to teachers throughout the service territory of Xcel Energy.
  • Hewlett-Packard US Grants Program
    Supports programs and partnerships that are national or regional in scope. The primary focus of these initiatives is education and e-Inclusion.
  • Hitachi Foundation
    Has three major programs -- General Grants, Matching Funds Program/ Community Action Committees, and the Yoshiyama Award for Exemplary Service to the Community. The Foundation maintains a $2.5 million annual giving program, making grants to nonprofit organizations in the US.
  • Jordan Fundamentals Grants
    Grants are awarded to teachers or paraprofessionals who work with public school students in grades six through twelve who also demonstrate instructional creativity and exemplify high learning expectations for economically disadvantaged students.
  • Medtronic Foundation
    Science & Technology Are Rewarding (STAR) grants aim to increase science learning by all students and to provide them with the opportunity to consider careers in science, health, engineering and technical fields, with special emphasis on initiatives that benefit socio-economically disadvantaged youth and females. The Foundation awards grants to schools, school districts and nonprofit organizations near their facilities, including Parker, Colorado.
  • MetLife Foundation
    The MetLife Foundation Tri-Connecting Award honors initiatives across the US that strengthen connections among students, teachers and parents with their communities to promote student learning and success.
  • National Foundation for the Improvement of Education (NFIE)
    NFIE supports a variety of programs for teachers, education support personnel, and higher education faculty and staff to improve student learning in the nation's public schools.
  • Oracle Help Us Help Foundation
    Assists K-12 public schools and youth organizations in economically challenged communities through grants of computer equipment and software.
  • SMARTer Kids Foundation
    Offers both competitive and noncompetitive grant programs to help education institutions in North America acquire technology.
  • Sun Microsystems Foundation Education & Employment Training Grants Program
    Awards multi-year, cash grants on a competitive basis to schools and community-based organizations that present realistic and compelling plans that are intended to produce the following outcomes for the target population: Increased enrollment in college preparatory courses; Heightened interest in high-tech careers; Improved achievement in mathematics, science, engineering, and computer related courses; and Higher enrollment in 4-year universities or colleges.
  • Toshiba America Foundation
    The mission of the foundation is to contribute to the quality of science and mathematics education in US communities by investing in projects designed by and with classroom teachers to improve science and science-related education for students in schools, grades 7 thru 12.
  • Verizon Foundation
    The Verizon Foundation concentrates its grant-making in several distinct priority funding areas. These include literacy, digital divide, women and economic development, people with disabilities, education/scholarships and community development.
  • Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds
    Seek to create opportunities for people to enrich themselves through better schools, enhanced community activities, and participation in the arts.

Other grant information sources: Other sources of information on grant funding can be found at your local library and on the World Wide Web. A selection of publications and web sites is listed below.

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