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Title II-D Personnel Technological Proficiency

The U.S. Department of Education is requiring each state to report the unduplicated headcount of school personnel assessed against the standards-based performance profiles of technology user skills as defined by the state.

Due to the elimination of Title II Part D funding for the 2011-12 funding year, this collection will not be not required for the 2011-12 school year. While this collection is not mandatory, LEA's are encouraged to take advantage of the survey and to send the data to CDE for ongoing analysis and technical assistance.

CDE created the Personnel Technological Proficiency (PTP) Self Assessment Survey system that includes two self-assessment surveys to help districts in determining staff proficiency in instructional technology. Built in partnership with an outside assessment expert, the surveys are based on the 2008 NETS·T and NETS·A -- one for teachers and media specialists/librarians and the other for administrators.

Standards for Teachers

CDE along with stakeholders from school districts across the state determined that the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers and Administrators identified skills that are needed to become technologically proficient.

CDE will take the resources provided by the International Society for Technology in Education and create a self assessment that will be free and accessible to every school district in Colorado. This self assessment is currently in development and will be available upon completion.


CDE has written the following proposed definition of personnel proficiency that LEAs may use or revise as needed:

Educators, support staff and other leaders who facilitate collaborative student learning through the selection and effective use of a wide variety of appropriate media-rich interactive and authentic learning experiences by creating learning environments conducive to creativity and innovation.

**This definition has not been finalized or endorsed by CDE and is being provided as a resource for districts that need to establish their own definition of personnel proficiency.


The fields that are in the HR/SPED collection systems will remain however, they will not be required. LEAs can zero fill or leave blank the sections that relate to Personnel Technological Proficiency in the HR collection and Administrative Units (AU) will need to zero fill these fields in the Special Education December Count Collection.

The USDOE defines instructional personnel in the following way:

All Teachers

  • Full-time professional school staff members who provide instruction to students and maintain daily student attendance records.

Librarians/Media Specialists

  • Professional staff members and supervisors assigned specific duties and school time for professional library and media service activities including selecting, acquiring, preparing, cataloging, and circulating books and other printed materials; planning the use of library and media services by students, teachers and other members of the instructional staff; and guiding individuals in their use of media services and library materials.

School Administrators

  • Staff members whose activities are concerned with directing and managing the operation of a particular school including principals, assistant principals, and other assistants; and persons who supervise school operations, assign duties to staff members, supervise and maintain records of the school, and coordinate school instructional activities with those of the LEA, including department chairpersons.

The personnel proficiency data will be collected through the HR and the December 1st special education staff collection. This system has been modified to collect the following information:

Name of Field




Technology Proficiency Level




Type of Assessment Used




Date of Technology Assessment




Technology Proficiency Level

  • 01 = Proficient – Staff member has been assessed and was determined to be proficient in using technology.
  • 02 = Not Proficient - Staff member has been assessed and was determined NOT to be proficient yet in using technology or staff is an EXISTING employee that has not been assessed.
  • 03 = Not Assessed - Staff member has not been assessed on technological proficiency (Note: this category is to denote staff that is required to be assessed but have not yet been assessed).

Type of Technology Assessment Used

  • 01 =  Self Assessment – Any method wherein the staff member rated themselves on technological proficiency
  • 02  =  Performance-based assessment – Any test or performance-based task that the staff member completed to demonstrate their technological proficiency (e.g., an online technology test).
  • 03  =  Peer Assessment – Any survey or observation completed by a peer wherein the staff member was rated on their technological proficiency.
  • 04  =  Supervisor Assessment - Any survey, observation or evaluation completed by the supervisor wherein the staff member was rated on their technological proficiency.
  • 05  =  Multiple Methods - More than one method was used for assessing technological proficiency (e.g. both a self-assessment and supervisor assessment was used to determine proficiency).
  • 06  =  Not Assessed – Only allowed when “03” is selected for Level of Proficiency.
  • 07  =  PTP (Personnel Technology Proficiency)  – State created self assessment survey based on NETS standards for Teachers and Administrators.

Date of Technology Assessment 

The school year in which the required instructional personnel was assessed for technology proficiency. Please note, only the current year, prior year and 2 year prior dates will be accepted. For the 2009-2010 collection period, 20082009, 20092010 and 20102012 are the only valid codes. Zero-fill or leave blank for all records not required.

*The HR data collection and December 1 special education staff collections open mid November and close in the spring. LEA's will be required to submit the proficiency data during that time.

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