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Title II-D Computer Specifications

As part of the Title II Part D compliance requirements from the US Department of Education, each LEA is required to report the number of instructional computers connected at dial-up and high speed connectivity.

LEA's will report this information based on the number of computers available to students at the beginning of the school year. LEA's should not include computers that were available to students at schools that were closed on or before the beginning of the school year.

The purpose of this data collection is to collect the unduplicated number of computers available to students for instruction (e.g., in classrooms, media centers, and moved from one classroom to another on media carts) that have high speed or dial up connectivity.


Computers - Computers include laptops but not handheld devices like personal digital assistants (PDAs). Computers also do not include peripherals like printers.

Internet Access - The permitted value “dial-up connectivity” should be used for dial-up and all other forms of narrowband connections. In other words, anything less than high speed connectivity. The permitted value “high speed connectivity” should be used for all forms of broadband connections; in other words anything that is high speed.


LEA's will report this information through a new data collection that is scheduled to open on November 30, 2009. The screen shots provide an example of how the system is designed.

LEA's will report computer count information at the school level.

LEA's will have the ability to download information into a csv file format, copy and paste the data into the window provided. This will update all schools that were pre-populated and add any new schools.

To access the Computer Specification System visit

The system uses the same username and password as the 8th Grade Literacy reporting and the ET-IL Plan Portal systems. If the LEA does not have the username and password, contact Tina Tamayo at

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