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Title II-D 8th Grade Literacy

The 8th Grade Literacy reporting requirement is now optional.  Districts that choose to report this data to CDE can do so by emailing their results to DeLilah Collins at

Standards for Students

CDE requested assistance from our stakeholders to create common Standards for Students and the definition of technological literacy. These standards were created by modifying the new refreshed ISTE National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETSS) to include higher-level technical experience such as engineering and technological design.

CDE Standards for Students were implemented in August 2007 and each district will be responsible for meeting or exceeding the standards provided by the Colorado Department of Education.

Definition of Technological Literate

With the assistance from CDE stakeholders, the Colorado Department of Education is able to provide a definition for a technologically literate student. This definition was created by modifying the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) definition of technological literacy. It is the expectation of CDE that each district will make a reasonable effort to meet or exceed this definition.

Definition: Technology literacy is the ability to responsibly use appropriate technology to communicate; solve problems; and access, manage, integrate, evaluate, design, and create information to improve learning in all subject areas and to acquire lifelong knowledge and skills in the 21st century.


Reporting this information is optional.  Districts that want to share this data with CDE can send the results to

Assessment Parameters

Information received during the forum underscored the need to provide parameters for assessment. It is necessary that the assessments given are meaningful and provide data that can be useful to districts.

Acceptable Assessment types:

  • Program based - Literacy is determined by the completion of all courses, with a passing grade, that have technology embedded into the curriculum
  • Paper pencil - Literacy is determined by a test which includes questions that address technological literacy
  • Performance based - Literacy is determined based on how well the student performs a technological task
  • Portfolio - Literacy is determined by a collection of a student’s work which incorporates technology
  • Projects - Literacy is determined by an end of the year project that incorporates technology
  • Online assessment program - Literacy is determined by assessing students with an "off the shelf" software program specifically designed to assess technological literacy

Unacceptable Assessment types:

  • Grades from courses that are not aligned with district or state standards
  • Classroom observation – Literacy is determined by the teachers observation of a student using technology
  • Straw Polls – Literacy is determined by polling students with a show of hands

TLAP Assessment

The Technology Literacy Assessment Program (TLAP) was created, by a consortium of Colorado School Districts and BOCES, with federal grant funds to provide an online tool for assessing 8th grade technology literacy.

TLAP is available to all Colorado schools free of charge. The on-line assessment includes 36 questions with six questions for each of the six ISTE standards that are the basis of recommended student technology knowledge.

NETS for Students:
National Educational Technology Standards for Students, Second Edition, ©2007, ISTE® (International Society for Technology in Education). All rights reserved.

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