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Regional and State Preschool Meetings

CDE Regional Preschool Meetings

Regional preschool meetings occur in the Fall of each school year, typically in from late September to early November. The meetings are collaborative opportunities for the CDE Preschool Team, comprised of Preschool Special Education and the Colorado Preschool Program to engage with early childhood leaders in the field who are preschool special education administrators, Child Find Coordinators, preschool directors, and CPP Coordinators. Meetings are designed for meeting the needs of these leaders and attendance is limited to these roles. Special education directors should attend, at their discretion. The meetings have been scheduled for the 2019-2020 school year:

Telluride - September 24, 2019
Rifle - September 26, 2019
Denver, West Metro - October 2, 2019
Denver, East Metro - October 4, 2019
Alamosa - October 16, 2019
La Junta - October 17, 2019
Frisco - October 23, 2019
Colorado Springs, South - November 1, 2019
Sterling - November 6, 2019
Loveland - November 7, 2019
The agenda will include:
  • Working groups to inform and create support documents for the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards for Preschool
  • Colorado Preschool Program quality enhancements
  • Early childhood special education service delivery models for children who have an IEP
  • Transitions

Contact Marcia Blum for more information or past resources.

CDE Statewide Preschool Meeting

The statewide preschool meeting is held in early spring of each year. Sessions are provided to promote the continuous improvement of inclusive preschool practices and the leadership capacity of preschool general and special education administrators, Child Find Coordinators, CPP Coordinators and other administrators who oversee the preschool special education process.

For more information, contact Marcia Blum.

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