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Online On Demand Modules from the CDE Preschool Team

Currently Available from the CDE Preschool Special Education Team

Partnership, Collaboration and Screening

Based on the newly revised CDE Guidelines for Identifying Young Children with Special Needs (ages three through five years old), participants will learn about best practices in coordinating early childhood systems for screening activities. Link to register for the self-paced learning module. Technical assistance can be accessed by submitting a self-assessment at the end of the module.

Preschool Outcomes: A Data Dialogue on OSEP Indicator 7 Reporting

This module is for Special Education Administrators and Early Childhood Personnel who are involved with the OSEP reporting of Preschool Outcomes. It is designed to promote understanding of the three global child outcomes and how they fit into the ESSU's Results Driven Accountability System. Rating levels, progress categories and data quality will also be discussed. Link to: Preschool Outcomes: A Data Dialogue on OSEP Indicator 7 Reporting (Use Firefox or Internet Explorer for optimal viewing).

Principles for Principals: Leading and Adapting Learning in Inclusive Preschools

This presentation is adapted from a live webinar, Principles for Principals: Getting Preschoolers with a Disability Off to a Great Start presented by the Exceptional Student Services Unit Preschool Team and is related to providing quality special education services to all students with a disability. This information will aid in understanding the connection between preschool principles and practices, IEP requirements, and educational performance for preschool aged children. Link to access the Leading Learning in Inclusive Preschools Module (Use Firefox or Internet Explorer for optimal viewing).

Evidence-Based Practices for Preschoolers with Disabilities:  10 Improvements in Preschool Special Education

Dr. Robin McWIlliam presented a two day workshop for the Colorado Department of Education. This was recorded and has been divided into 6 video segments to be used as a “Do it Yourself” series for early childhood professional learning. To access the modules, please register to obtain the link.

Early Transition Modules

These self-paced learning opportunities can be accessed through the Professional Development System (PDIS) at Colorado Shines. You will need to register with the system to enroll. A one hour certificate of attendance will be provided separately upon completion of each module. For an overview of the modules you can watch the webinar presentation, Promoting High Quality Early Childhood Transition Through Professional Development and Family Education.

Module 1: Early Childhood Transition Overview

This module is an overview of transition from Early Intervention to Preschool Special Education and from Preschool Special Education to Kindergarten. We encourage you to share this link with families, classroom staff, service providers, administrators, service coordinators and other Early Intervention collaborators.

Module 2: Early Transition Preparation and Adjustment for Children and Families

Learn more about the key elements of child and family preparation and adjustment related to transition to preschool and kindergarten. This interactive module is research-based, practical, and includes downloadable transition tools and resources.

Toddler learning to walk

Implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in Preschool Programs

This self-paced learning opportunity can be accessed through the Professional Development System (PDIS) at Colorado Shines. You will need to register with the system to enroll. A two hour certificate of attendance will be provided through the PDIS. In this module, we will introduce a framework of MTSS that is grounded in preschool principles and practices that support inclusion and promote positive outcomes for every child.

Formative Assessment

This self-paced module makes the connection between preschool learning environments, formative assessment practices in the classroom and Individual Education Programs (IEPs). It supports the learning of preschool teams, such as teachers, practitioners and families in understanding how authentic assessment data is used for instructional planning in the classroom for every child. Link to the Formative Assessment Module.

Inclusion Series in Colorado Shines Professional Development System

The Inclusion Series is a collection of online courses that address early childhood competencies that are essential to including young children with high needs in quality preschool programs. Once completed, participants will have received a total of 14 or 15 contact hours of credit through Colorado Shines. Link to the flyer for more information.

Please direct any questions to Marcia Blum.

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