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Expelled and At-Risk Student Services (EARSS) Resources

Youth who receive disciplinary action (i.e. suspensions, expulsions) and are involved in the juvenile justice system are at higher risk of dropping out of school and further involvement in delinquency. The following list includes information, resources, guidance, website, etc. that address many elements associated with reducing exclusionary disciplinary actions and referrals to the justice system in response to student misconduct.

Addressing Race/Ethnic Disparities in Discipline and School Referrals to the Juvenile Justice System-

Adolescent Development-

Alternatives- to Exclusionary School Discipline

Data – Sources of school-by-school data for school discipline and law enforcement contacts

At the Colorado Department of Education’s website:

  • Visit the student conduct section of the Colorado Department of Education’s School View Data Center to examine district – and school-level data.
  • Data Services Office for Excel files available for download from the Education Statistics webpage pertaining to student discipline. Spreadsheets typically include only state- and district-level data.
  • Additional data requests (if not available elsewhere at the CDE website) can be made by downloading a request form. Identify criteria/parameters of data you seek and submit the form as instructed.

Juvenile Justice System


  • Legislation that amended school discipline-related statutes and limited mandatory expulsions -  SB12-1345

Policy, Practices, Guidance and Recommendations to Support Student Learning and Address the Unintended Consequences of School Discipline and Race/Ethnicity Disparities (See also School Climate)


Organizations and Initiatives

Relationships, Partnerships with Other Service Providers-

Restorative Justice/Practices

School Climate and Supportive School Discipline

School Resource Officer (SRO): duties, training and expectations

Colorado Division of Criminal Justice - Resources and Information

Additional Resources

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